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It didn't pack.
  • introduced nuclear theme into map design
  • redid last to be a reactor
  • condensed first courtyard to improve walk times to A
- packed things
- redid A
- changed routing into B
- redid blu courtyard
- other things?
Scaling is hard.
  • Upped walk time between A and B.
  • Upped walk time between B and C.
  • Added some ammo.
  • Improved routing between A and B.
  • Reduces red respawn on C.
  • Other things probably.
Got busy with graduating college and life. Still thinking about redesigning C but wanted to test some ideas first.

- Fixed clippings.
- Changed entrances into A flanks.
- Changed A flanks.
- New B.
- Changed B flanks.
- Changed B Health/Ammo placements.
- Changed Red C spawn exits.
- Other little things.
Fixed some clipping.
Fixed some func_nobuild.
Fixed some trigger_push.
Messed with the routes leading into A.
Added a route to the single way.
Shrunk A.
Shrunk B.
Changed route into C.
-added windows
-shifted A over
-improved visibility
-consolidated spawn rooms
-redid route into A
-redid A
-adjusted red spawn