Bastion a3

Made by Mr. Wimples

  1. Mr. Wimples

    Alright, here it is. Bastion; a Badwater-esque payload map complete with three cap points and a final magma-ey destination. The blu team pushes the cart up to a red stronghold on a remote volcanic island all the way to a pit of boiling magma. Possibly a minuscule percent more professional than my previous releases.

    Glaring things that will be changed:
    - Right now there isn't much spatial management in the water part of the map, I really didn't know how to handle water-filled areas in TF2, I may just avoid it entirely in a future release
    -The opening area of the map is in need of major reworking, will get to that in A4. Supply the bulk of your feedback from the second point on if at all possible.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. :T


    1. pl_bastion_a10013.jpg
    2. pl_bastion_a10016.jpg
    3. pl_bastion_a30002.jpg
    4. pl_bastion_a30003.jpg
    5. pl_bastion_a30004.jpg