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Bankhaman's Tomb A1

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Bankhaman's Tomb A1

A CTF-map inspired off of Egypt.

Bankhaman's Tomb is my first map and I'm really excited to post it here.
The map is intended for the SKA! Mapping contest. To match the genre's chaotic and spastic nature, the flags are right next to each other in the same room. The map has a path under the bridge which leads to the other teams side. The Skybox is also very high allowing for rocket-jumping, sticky-jumping, hell all sorts of jumping really. The map is really open with the only choke points being in the underground hallway and the intel room itself. There are two levels of the spawn, the upper level is a sniper sightline.
bandicam 2020-04-15 02-01-45-405.jpg
bandicam 2020-04-15 02-00-15-615.jpg
bandicam 2020-04-15 02-01-38-367.jpg
bandicam 2020-04-15 01-59-27-864.jpg
bandicam 2020-04-15 01-59-31-803.jpg
bandicam 2020-04-15 02-01-04-373.jpg
bandicam 2020-04-15 02-00-40-792.jpg
bandicam 2020-04-15 02-01-25-820.jpg
bandicam 2020-04-15 01-59-42-657.jpg
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    i think it should work now
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    fixed: Misspelt title
  3. Bankhaman's Tomb

    So it turns out, I uploaded the wrong type of file. Oops, well here is the correct file for my first map, not much has changed other than there being two new buildings to the right of spawn.