Banana A9

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Banana A9

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A semi-bad 5cp map by your favorite nobody.

Thanks to:
Carn and Kounter for setting up 6v6 tests.

"wow playing this makes me feel better about my 5cp i'm making"
"it's beyond me how you keep making maps with terrible lasts"
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP
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Latest updates

  1. Banana A9 - "Lets mix things up" says medusa

    -Mid- -Added small HP and Ammo in connector to spiral. -Changed the flank room. -Changed medium ammo to small in the flank. -Second- -Edited spawn adjust time for attackers capping the point (from 3 to 1.5 hammer points) -Completely shifted the...
  2. Banana A8 - Lets try and break a trend

    -Mid- -Switched places of the hp/ammo packs in the connector. -Switched hp/ammo packs on the roofs of the huts. -Changed Ammo in the flank from Small to Medium. -Lowered cap time by 1 hammer points (11>10). -Lit up blu's house, as it was missing...
  3. The Post-pug Update

    -Last- -Centered spawns and spawn doors. -Changed pillars/cover to better fit theme. -Extended the lower door up and moved the ramp forward. -Made lower brighter. -Removed full ammo pack. -Moved spawns forward 200 units. -Changed small HP...