Banana A9

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Banana A9

It's called Banana because it's shaped like a Croissant

A semi-bad 5cp map.

Thanks to:
Carn and Kounter for setting up 6v6 tests.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Banana A9 - "Lets mix things up" says medusa

    -Mid- -Added small HP and Ammo in connector to spiral. -Changed the flank room. -Changed medium ammo to small in the flank. -Second- -Edited spawn adjust time for attackers capping the point (from 3 to 1.5 hammer points) -Completely shifted the...
  2. Banana A8 - Lets try and break a trend

    -Mid- -Switched places of the hp/ammo packs in the connector. -Switched hp/ammo packs on the roofs of the huts. -Changed Ammo in the flank from Small to Medium. -Lowered cap time by 1 hammer points (11>10). -Lit up blu's house, as it was missing...
  3. The Post-pug Update

    -Last- -Centered spawns and spawn doors. -Changed pillars/cover to better fit theme. -Extended the lower door up and moved the ramp forward. -Made lower brighter. -Removed full ammo pack. -Moved spawns forward 200 units. -Changed small HP...