Balloonicorn Marshmallows

Balloonicorn Marshmallows 2018-07-29

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Balloonicorn Marshmallows 2018-07-29

Yes, it's supposed to be a Balloonicorn

Got a terrifying idea: make Balloonicorn marshmallows from scratch. The 72 Hour Jam is all about trying terrifying ideas, so why not? I've never made marshmallows before (or any type of candy), but they turned out well in terms of taste (they're pepperminty!), texture & colour.

The big mistake was using an edible marker to draw on the face. I guess marshmallow just wasn't meant to be drawn upon, which is why these look kind of grotesque. Ah well, at least I tried! (Just think of it as if Pyro made these him/her self. It's hard to draw with gloves on, you know).
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