Bagel rc2a

It looks like a donut

  1. RC1 Update

    Thank you to everyone who played this map in any of its iterations, whether it was in MapChamp the last couple of weeks, an experimental cup, or even if you played an early version - it's thanks to all of you that Bagel got this far. I hope you've all enjoyed playing it and I hope that you continue to in the future.

    - Fucktons of visual improvements all over
    - Tweaked skybox and lighting colours
    - Added Badlands' colour-correction
    - Blockbullets pass on all wood beams, now your splash should go where it's supposed to
    - Various clipping improvements


    1. ss1.png
    2. ss2.png
    3. ss3.png
    4. ss4.png
    5. ss5.png
    6. ss6.png
    7. ss7.png
    8. ss8.png
    9. ss9.png
    10. ss10.png
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