72hr Bagel rc2a

It looks like a donut

  1. So much feedback oh my god

    First, thank you so much to ozFortess, ETF2L and various pug groups for playing this map, I got so much feedback and got to watch so many matches and it has given me so much to work with!

    I've made a few changes based on what you've said and what I've seen and hopefully they improve the way the map plays.

    Lobby exists the way it does to allow options for forward holds (not, as some people speculated, to simply extend walk times), so I've raised the ceilings and widened the window to make it much less claustrophobic to fight in.

    A lot of people found the lower point area kind of unsafe to be on and transitioning from there to the safer high ground in house was pretty long-winded, so I've made some changes to some of the quicker routes up to make them easier.

    I've also made various visual tweaks and quality-of-life improvements in various spots such as adding some high ground to a couple flat areas, simplifying the trash in lobby, and making the rafters over point more obviously solid (hopefully more people realise you can jump off em now).

    - Raised ceiling, simplified walkways
    - Simplified and moved trash
    - Widened window
    - Various detailing tweaks

    - Added extra box to pile on far left side of hill
    - Moved barrels to better facilitate climbing into house
    - Widened and simplified the small shed
    - Added metal sheets and wood shelf to rafters to visualise solidity
    - Added small boxes to house to stand on
    - Various detailing tweaks


    1. ss1.png
    2. ss2.png
    3. ss3.png
    4. ss4.png
    5. ss5.png
    6. ss6.png
    7. ss7.png
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