Bagel rc2a

It looks like a donut

  1. More updates from feedback/pugs

    - Removed underground route (Didn't contribute anything to the map)
    - Added larger platform in its place, moved pickups from underground to there.
    - Halved cap time
    - Enlarged capzone (Replaced the Bagel shape with a square minus two corners)
    - Lowered highest platform entrance to mid (intended to nerf sniper but might mess w/ things, trying for a version to find out)
    - Added a little hazard strip to highlight a jump in lobby

    Haven't yet addressed concerns over complexity of lobby, it's intended to facilitate forward holds and I wanna let it settle for a bit before I can determine whether/what changes need to be made.


    1. ss1.png
    2. ss2.png
    3. ss3.png
    4. ss4.png
    5. ss5.png
    6. ss6.png
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