Badyard Final

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Get your Weapons ready Maggots! its time for War!


Team Blu:

Team Blu has to push the Tank to the Plane Lookout before
the Timer runs out!

Team Red:

Team Red has to defend the Plane Lookout from the Tank, until the
Time runs out!


Thanks to:

"The Unusuals" Banner in the Bar - UEAKCrash
Tank cart and most of the Assets in the Map -
Red SpawnDoors - EArkham
Microphone in the Bar - HolySnickerPuffs
Meet the Engineer`s Skybox - fubarFX
Displacement Library - YM
Warehouse Outside Textures - EArkham
Paper Particles - Exactol

Map information:

Map type: Payload
File name: pl_badyard
Release date: October 25, 2017

Developer: XEnderFaceX

Link: No Steam Workshop Link yet

Map Info:

Number of Stages: 1
Environment: Desert
Setting: Sunset, Moon
Hazards: Landmines, Explosive Barrels, Bomb Drop

Map Items:


Full - 1
Medium - 3
Small - 2


Full - 0
Medium - 4
Small - 1