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Badlands Snowy 2018-03-13

Merry late Christmas

  1. Krazy
    Fr0Z3nR: End of the line prop pack
    Earkham: SnowyCoast prop pack
    Construction Prop pack (by a whole lot of awesome people)
    Void: Xmas Calenders
    Rexy: Xmas health and ammo
    Bakscratch: Christmas lights (move_rope)
    Rexy: Candy cane model
    Diva Dan: Ice pack
    biskuu: Badlands Spire (Alpine)
    Apom: Rotating Air Intake
    And Badlands By Valve


    1. mid.jpg
    2. red_second.jpg
    3. blu_second.jpg
    4. red_last.jpg
    5. blu_last.jpg
    6. blu_spawn1.jpg
    7. blu_spawn2.jpg
    8. blu_spawn3.jpg
    9. red_spawn1.jpg
    10. red_spawn2.jpg
    11. red_spawn3.jpg