Back 'Em Up With A Pybro

72hr Jam 2022 Back 'Em Up With A Pybro 2016-07-23

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72hr Jam 2022 Back 'Em Up With A Pybro 2016-07-23

(Poster)Back 'em up with pybro!

It is a recreation of this propaganda poster with the theme of Team Pyro, and of course Frontline! it was a blast to make, I wish I could do more for the jam but alas, life has its ways to ruin that.

I also made a poster prior to the jam for a bit of practice, in the form of We Can Do It! which of course has the contrasting theme of Team Heavy, with a propaganda poster I have a feeling you have seen before.

I would like to thank Svdl, Square, and Greg for making the Victory Front, also Stev, Gadget, and Kibble for making the Leather Shop Cap both of which I used in the poster!

Thanks for viewing, good luck to everyone doing the jam!
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