Azumith b1e

Microcontest entry

  1. cp_azumith_mc13_a5

    Everything past A didn't really play well at all, so I just ripped it all out and made everything new beyond that. New A-B connector all the way to C and Red's spawn. Hopefully things will play better this time?

    Changes in this version
    • Everything lol
    • A-B and B-C connectors entirely new, walking time increased to 15 seconds between each point by Heavy.
    • All points take longer to cap now so Blu doesn't roll.
    • B and C are entirely new.
    • Altered some pickups on A.
    • Closed a door on A.
    Screenshots of changes:
    20210721044236_1.jpg 20210721044253_1.jpg 20210721044320_1.jpg 20210721044237_1.jpg 20210721044315_1.jpg 20210721044330_1.jpg 20210721044350_1.jpg 20210721044416_1.jpg 20210721044422_1.jpg
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