Azumith v2

Azumith v2 v2_a5a

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Minor update.
Added missing respawnroomvisualizer on Red's last spawn.
Fixed skybox prop alignment.
Huge thanks to ABP (and also Aulli) for helping me with formulating ideas for changes as well as giving me confidence to continue working on this map!

Changes in this version:
  • A:
    • Players can now get on to the roof above the point! This might go away if it turns out it sucks.
    • Changed Red's forward defense in the building by Blu's spawn and high ground route by raising it up so it's a covered drop-down with a prop jump to get up. Hopefully this should prevent Red from wiping here if they're being greedy. This also changes the layout inside the building slightly to favor Red engineers setting up near the high ground overlooking the A point.
    • Increased the height of the ceilings inside the building between Blu's spawn and the A point.
    • Minor pickup changes
    • Due to the better options for Red to control A (especially the roof on the A point) respawn wave times for Red on A have been increased from 7 to 8.
  • B:
    • Changed up the A-B connector a bit.
      • There is now an engineer cubby/cover for Red players forward holding/falling back from A. Should help Red not die when falling back from A.
      • Removed the highest platform in the connector since it wasn't being used and it being kind of ugly.
      • Added another bit of cover for Red players pushing in from the high ground (train platform) route where the ramp to the highest platform in the A-B connector. Should help Red not die when falling back too.
      • Minor pickup changes
    • Reduced Red's respawn wave time on B from 7 to 5.
  • C:
    • Gave Red a better place to hold in the B-C lobby that being a platform overlooking the lobby. Both the staircase in the lobby as well as the staircase in the alternate route lead up here. This should give Red a better chance of holding here. Hopefully it's not too strong.
    • Removed the platform in the lobby closest to the flank route leading to C. It wasn't used much but could make it too difficult for Red to push into lobby once Blu got control.
    • Moved Red's last spawn to be centralized behind the point instead of on the right side. This should make holding on the left side more of an option for Red.
      • Old spawn room is now a computer room. :3
    • Walled up the battlements on the back of the point to reduce sight lines although this is mostly to protect Red's spawn exits.
    • Changed the right side area (where the palette used to be) to be better hold location. There is now full ammo and medium health there as well as a minor high ground platform and additional cover. Should make holding here more possible for Red.
    • Moved medium ammo packs near the point inside the engineer cubby further inwards so players can place sentries where they used to be which seemed to be the preferred location.
    • Minor pickup changes
    • Reduced Red's respawn wave time on C from 7 to 6.
Screenshots of changes:
Minor update. I think B might be fine, I just seriously messed up item placements last revision. A full ammo pack for Engineer right next to the best place to set up with a medium health right next to it? What was I thinking? lol. If this still doesn't go well I'll figure out something to make Blu's rotations through their B lobby even easier.

Changes in this version:
  • Added a Gravel Pit style small ammo pickup for Red on A. Should help sustain fights a bit longer.
  • Changed timer at start to be 7 minutes long as opposed to 8, should give Red more of a chance to defend A. Still not going to super commit to giving Red a really good chance to hold A yet, I think players haven't figured out the best strategies yet AND I want to primarily test B.
  • Added some pickups for Blu along the barrel room route leading to the high ground on B. Should make it much easier for them to contest this area. Hopefully not too easy! I'll adjust as needed.
  • Changed ammo pickup on traincars on B from medium to small and changed placement so it's more vulnerable to make it easy to contest players camping that spot
  • Moved fence boundary near train platform on B so Blu doesn't have to peek a blind corner to the left when pushing through so much
  • Changed pickups near Red's side of the B point from a full ammo and medium health to a medium ammo and small health. Should make it so sentry nests don't get instantly rebuilt like they did last playtest.
  • Moved some other pickups for Blu on the lower boilers route to B so they're in better cover. This should also make it easier to push main as well.
  • Removed a gay roamer spot awning above the boiler route to B that was really lame and free
  • Fixed a clipping issue that lead to a gay roamer spot on a fence near the train on B. Why do the fence props have such bad and inconsistent collision models, Valve?
  • Added some block bullets by the train on B so Blu Demoman pipes don't fall into the gutter so to speak
No screenshots this time as geo hasn't really changed at all
Changes in this version:
  • A:
    • Added secondary exit for Red. Hopefully it isn't too strong.
    • Added a sign for the Red Brewery building.
  • B:
    • Completely changed up B. Still a train station, but more purposeful.
    • Added height variation and new sentry positions. Should be easier to defend?
    • Changed pickup locations and sized to better suit Red hopefully.
    • Due to the changes here it should take Red longer to get to A and Blu longer to get to B than before.
      • Hopefully this helps make A easier to take and B easier to defend.
    • Take a look at the screenshots below!
  • C
    • No changes here if I remember correctly.
Screenshots of changes:
Changes in this version: (there's a lot but I'll keep it brief)
  • Made routes between points more connected
  • Moved highground for B over to the left side, hopefully Red will escape naturally that way and hold it like intended
  • Completely revamped lobby for C
  • Revamped, shrunk and Rotated C 45 degrees.
  • Probably other stuff but idk
Screenshots of changes:
The whole area around B played poorly so I changed it all up.

  • Lowered B and A-B and B-C connectors. Red should have much less high-ground advantage now.
  • Reworked B-C connector
  • Reworked A-B connector slightly
  • Removed lazy highground on B for Red. Added high ground that's closer to Blu
  • Gave Red some cover out of their new route. Added some more pickups to B.
  • Changed Blu's forward spawn to better flow to the new B-C connector.
  • Opened up another window in the highground overlooking B where Blu's forward spawn used to be. Also added some pickups in there so Red can hold better.
  • Brought back the drop-down on C so it's more in the open now. Hopefully Blu won't be able to sneak behind Red for free this time.
  • Added a resupply cabinet to Red's final respawn because. Yeah. It wasn't there last time lol
  • Changed max game time from 10 minutes to 8 minutes and changed initial time from 10 minutes to 8 minutes as well
  • Reduced respawn wave times for Red team

Screenshots of changes:
I have implemented some changes with feedback from PigPig before the first test.

  • Removed existing smallest exit from Blu spawn as Red could spam through it into Blu spawn positions.
  • Added new small exit from Blu spawn onto route leading to high ground in the spawn yard
  • Slightly widened main terrain route for Blu on A
  • Raised some doorways to prevent headbumping
  • Widened some doorways to help Blu push
  • Fixed a lot of clipping issues
  • Changed alternate route from B to C lobby to be shorter and easier for Blu to push
  • Altered catwalks in C lobby for Blu to prevent players from hiding underneath them

Screenshots of changes:
No changes! Site just ate the download link so I have to reupload it. Wonderful!