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Autogyro a2

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Autogyro a2

(Arena CTF) There's two of them, the autogyros...

This was going to be a construction-themed PD map, but since I only came in with half a plan (as opposed to my usual 1/28th of a plan) that didn't exactly happen. Still, unlike the fiasco last year with Auclaire, I'm actually pretty happy with this!

Uses @zythe_'s OC cutouts, the Tom Cruise cutout, and @Auwi's Cloudy Morning sky.
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Latest updates

  1. Major Fixes and Minor Improvements

    First update after the Jam! Woohoo! Expect the next update, if/when that comes, to be a complete remake. While I'm happy with the map overall, it's a bit over-scaled, and I really dislike mid. ~~~~~~~~ OVERALL - Changed the filename to start...
  2. a1b: Hot! Hot! Ooh, We Got It! (A hotfix, I mean)

    - Added the frog - Moved the autogyros to the center of the map - Added clipping - Added a spectator camera - Added cubemaps