Atomgrad A6A

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Atomgrad A6A

By Languid

The bots have taken everything. Our only hope is this aging Siberian launch site. Maybe we can nuke bot HQ, or maybe we should just use it to leave this godforsaken planet.

Ok this map is eeeeeeeh. we do not have long to get layout down pat. Most the work will go into the pop file once i have something acceptable. Is there a way to have multiple difficulty pop thingees for custom MvM? That would help with the 2hard problems. Give me your images of launch sites and soviet municipal buildings.

It is really open. I like it, but may need cover or bot hypnosis to work. Start is most dull section. How do you make an interesting entrance for the botters? it seems almost inescapably dull, them invuln lining up to fall off a small cliff into an open, flat area.
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