Atacama A3B

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Atacama A3B

A desert (to be) in bloom.

A map that takes place in the Atacama Desert, located in Chile.

I went for a Z-shaped layout for this one; I'd love to have some feedback.
Dr. Sasha
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

Latest updates

  1. A3B Released

    A3B Released - fixed red spawn bug - made a roof next to 2nd CP accessible to scoots - fixed some steep displacements at last CP - moved ammo and health near 2nd CP
  2. A3A Released

    A3A Released - fixed broken forward spawns
  3. A3 Released

    A3 Released - completely redid second CP - modified building connecting mid CP to second CP - added roof to last CP - modified spawn door locations at last CP - added more team-colored textures - made mid CP roof look pretty - modified mid CP...