asdcpelev a53

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Various minor quality of life changes and bug fixes
Removed the second red spawn for defending D
Changed the route from C to D
Removed one of the double full health and ammo in the room at C
Added a door that closes when C is capped.
Reduced red respawntimer to 7 seconds for point D
Reduced blue respawntimer to 3 seconds for point D
The balcony flank to point D is now accessed from red's last spawn instead of blue's C-D connector
Widened the entrance to C
Added window to blue spawn
Moved the rocket on point D up to allow grenade throw from red side to blue side
Moved red's health and ammo at C to below the C-D staircase to eliminate the annoying stalemate that happens right after capping C
Increased health and ammo at point D near C-D staircase from small to full
Increased health and ammo at point D near red spawn from small to medium
Reworked B-C-D connector
Added a new route for blue after C capture allowing smoother transition to B area that leads to D. This should give blue more coverage across the D entrances and less funneling into one route.

Increased Version Integer by 1
Improved C and D lightings
Removed the D point exit bridge
Added a door at D windows that opens after B capture to prevent players from jumping on D point
Added a bridge that allows players to escape the D point before B capture
D sign above red spawn A exit
B platform change
replaced all floor textures to darker ones.
C lights are now brighter
Added a door that closes after A is capped inside redspawn
Added a door that starts closed before C is capped inside redspawn
Lighting changes
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