Ascendant A4

The sky is the limit

  1. Meet the Ascendant

    • Clipped a lot
    • Moved a resupply at BLU spawn a bit further away from spawn exit
    • Changed right BLU spawn exit to not give defenders such a big sightline into spawn
    • Resized right flank building at BLU spawn
    • Readded rollback zone to last
    • Added hazard stripes on rollback zone
    • Fixed a few brushes that were off by a couple of hu
    • Removed clip on top of structure over A, added nobuild
    • Began switching a lot of buildings from 8-16hu wall width to 32hu wall width to prepare for detailing
    • Completely remade A->B
    • Completely remade forward spawns
    • Arrows appear and disappear according to current game state

    Timer changes

    • BLU First Spawn: 6s -> 4s
    • BLU After A: 4s -> 3s
    • BLU After B: 4s -> 3s
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