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arena_mars Version 1.1

Mann Co. now extraterrestrial!

// Just packing custom content //

TL;DR: I seriously overestimated what I can do in 72 hours and underestimated what I can do in 3 hours.

This isn't just my first 72Hr Jam this is also the first map I built from the ground up.

This map somehow includes:
  • A custom Skybox by me.
  • Most glass surfaces are breakable
  • proper HDR/LDR lighting, which is surprising because that is the first thing I never do

What is a mess right now:
  • Cubemap placement
  • Never gameplay tested (yeah im more the graphics guy)
  • 50% of the work was done in the last 3 hours and you can see what was rushed
  • Map thumbnail
  • Me: Me
  • Valve Developer Wiki
I might continue working on this map, tho I would need to completely rebuild it. Look out for arena_nicholson in the future.
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  1. Packing custom content

    Hopefully this induces all the custom content.