arena_jikko 2018-22-1

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Blah blah, just more small changes because I'm too lazy to make a huge update.

- More lighting
- Rearrange some things
- Building some water plant thingy on both sides.

Yeah that's about it.
Just added a few more details and some lighting, nothing else really.

I do plan on experimenting with some textures next update though.
Added a bit more lighting, messed around with some of the sign designs, that's honestly about it.
Nothing much, just added some things to make the map look a bit more "cooler looking", while also fixing some crappy building tactics that I used in the earlier versions .


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Just pretty much added a bit more lighting and adding some details.. Yeah that's about it.
- Added more spawn points in each teams spawn, rather than just one for each.

- Added more lighting

- Making the buildings around mid not too plain looking.

- Editing some mistakes I made.
- Add more lighting.

- Starting with making some of the box buildings around mid not so boring looking.