arena_grabby 2017-08-05

Another arena map

  1. Bunker Junker
    After working on it since 8PM GMT August 4th, hammer crashing 4-5 times, and a lot of stress and learning later, I introduce to you an arena map where something weird is holding the control point.

    No seriously, that's about it.

    It was fun making it though.

    (Things I've used)
    A Boojum Snark's Team Fortress 2 Mapping Resource Pack

    [Also feel free to provide feedback, so I can try to make "better" maps in the future.]


    1. 23.jpg
    2. 34t4t.jpg
    3. 43.jpg
    4. 43u.jpg
    5. erg.jpg
    6. rth43.jpg
    7. t4.jpg