arena_electro A7

Disco Fever!

  1. Arena Mode

    Game mode changed from koth to arena
  2. No More Moving Water

    The water now just stays there, like it used to
  3. Clear Water and Less Ammo

    - Removed side buildings that had ammo and health
    - Decreased the size of ammo packs

    + Added side path from spawn that makes it harder to spawn camp
    + Changed water texture so that you can now see what's going on
  4. Fixed File

    The file was wrong, now it's right
  5. Moving Water

    -Water no longer does damage
    -Sky reverted back to original palate
    -Water moves up/down every minute
  6. Fixed Lighting

    Made it brighter so you can tell what team people are on
  7. Electrified Water

    The water will slowly damage you every 40 seconds, for 40 seconds

    (I mean it will be fine for 40 seconds, then damage for 40, then be fine for 40, etc etc etc)
  8. New Route

    Connected the 2 dead-end buildings. Fixed a few sightlines as well.