arena_catsvsdinos; vscript experiment

arena_catsvsdinos; vscript experiment a2 - 23w15a

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arena_catsvsdinos; vscript experiment a2 - 23w15a

practicing vscript in direct methods

A TF2 "recreation" of the pvp mech gamemode from Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (hence the name).

What this map is and does:
* A basic arena map that uses vscript to convert everyone into Pyro-based mechs.
* Mech stats:
- 2000 Base HP
- 100 round minigun that recharges based on how much ammo is spent.
- 100 round flaregun that can only be used once fully charged and has a 10 second cooldown
- A basic frying pan (lol)
- 1.75 times normal player size (equivalent of a mvm giant)
- A charge that can be used via the "Call Medic" key
- Base Move speed of a pyro and base capture rate.

Custom assets used:
-give_tf_weapon by Yaki [The backbone of this entire thing actually]:
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Map v. a2 - Vscript v. 23w15a.

    Map changes (Version a2): * Modified the [blue side right] flank to go more vertical into mid * * This makes the map not quad - mirrored Vscript changes (Version 23w15a): * Fixed the secondary only having one shot before burning out. Comment...