arena_bingo A4

bingo bongo!

  1. Lots and lots of small things

    I dinne ken
    • Added a small balcony thingy where the ramp onto mid used to be bigger
    • Added some more signage
    • Added a light to one of the small lobby areas and opened up the larger lobby area to the skybox to allow for more light
    • Added a high ground near the side that is quickly accessible from each respective spawn
    • Changed the layout, size and position of spawn to encourage more spread out gameplay
    • Changed the spawn layout to allow an immediate high ground (probably more useful for longer and less hectic matches, such matches are yet to be seen)
    • Changed the position of the crates
    • Changed the large ramp onto mid from the lower area smaller
    • Changed the Large health on the plank to a medium, the medium health in the hut to a small.
    • Removed the small health on the roofs in mid
    • Removed an exit/high ground overlooking the point in the main building

    • Add cubemaps

    20171107195223_1.jpg 20171107195203_1.jpg 20171107195142_1.jpg
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