Arena Moonblast A3

Fight to the death before the rocket launches and kills everyone

  1. Alpha 2 - Loud and Annoying

    Alpha 2 Update
    "Loud and Annoying"

    New warnings 10 seconds before rocket launch
    -Lights around the designated rocket signs
    -Louder Siren
    -New glowing entity urging players to "run over here or die"

    New Door Mechanics
    -Blast doors are now open on the rounds start
    -A loud sounds plays when the doors start to close at the 60 second mark
    -Doors close slightly slower

    Other stuff
    -Adjusted rocket launch timings
    -Fixed rocket launch sounds playing again on round win
    -New rooms in the rocket shelter for hiding out, you wuss
    -Slightly tuned the launchpads, still a WIP
    -Removed resupply signs
    -Gravity changes disabled for now, They will be back
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