Arena Boxing Ring v2

Successive 20-second 1v1 boxing matches all managed by the map itself.

  1. Jack5
    Arena Boxing Ring is a map that pits players against each-other in successive 1v1 20-second matches. It originally debuted on Zombie Survival, but has since been adapted to work with the Arena gamemode. The map also plays 16 different music tracks on its own, and has interactive sound effects to keep players on the stands engaged and ready to fight.
    This map only requires that the server force all players to use melee only, forbidding any other weapons wearable items. It is also recommended that Spy be forced to use the Dead Ringer only.

    Servers that run the map here
    Map concept, texturing and logic by Yellow Sage. Layout, sounds and visuals by Jack (Jack5) Stringer. See credits at download URL for company attribution.


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