Arakawa b3

Made by Godslayer57

  1. Godslayer57

    Arena Arakawa (Arena)
    Author: Daniel 'Godslayer57' House
    Email: [I have totally forgotten]

    Red and Blu are once again fighting;typically. They have somehow managed to build two bases right next to each other in order to control the now abandoned storage facility of "Penguin Packaging Incorporated" .Below this seemingly abandoned site lies the mighty Arakawa river which still goes strong!However control of this site will grant them nothing more than a crate of free fish.

    Thanks to:
    -The Construction pack team
    -The Bulletcrop pack and 3Dnj
    -Rexy - making sure that wood was aligned!
    -Acumen -Lifesavers
    -Apom -Rotating intake
    -Everyone for testing and feedback
    -yyler for great beta feedback


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