Apollo A2

A 2-point gpit-style a/d-ctf map set in and around a rocket facility.

  1. Paper_
    No longer my Pick it Up contest entry. Abandoned indefinitely.

    Fight in and around a looming rocket launch facility set in what would normally be a granary.

    How does it work?
    BLU: Grab the briefcase from outside your base and use it in order to capture both control points, in any order, before the time runs out.
    RED: Prevent BLU from capping both points until the time runs out.

    Special thanks to everyone that watched me build A1 and gave their input, and everyone who helped me work out the kinks related to A2.
    Also, bonus thanks to TheFluffycart for his defuse map prefab that was used solely in A1. Apologies for ditching the defuse idea so quickly, you did good work.

    20200422001407_1.jpg 20200422001147_1.jpg 20200422000804_1.jpg 20200422001105_1.jpg 20200422000853_1.jpg 20200422001203_1.jpg 20200422001039_1.jpg 20200422000909_1.jpg

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