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antimony a4

Red desert pine forest gameplay

Originally norfolk3 - the third in the thrilling trilogy of norfolk's 72hr koth maps. Except this one comes six years after the last one and has basically nothing in common with it.

Inspired by parts of Arizona/New Mexico/Utah, I put a lot of effort into the theming of this and combining it with the classic TF2 building style.

Trees: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/tall-thin-pine-trees.5846/
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Latest updates

  1. antimony edition

    Renamed the map (again!) Various random changes I did too long ago to remember Minor detailing
  2. A 3rd version

    Shifted around cover to reduce sightlines Redid back buildings Clipping adjustments Displacement adjustments Made mid, especially high ground, wider Reduced health pickups Various minor changes
  3. Sightlines be gone

    Edited mid to hopefully resolve sightlines Nerfed high ground, lowered it and added new access Detailing improvements Renamed map