An Anime Beach Episode but it's TF2 and Full of Memes 2018-07-30

Giant art collab within a friend group, friends' tf2 loadouts/ocs on the beach.

  1. cactie
    [​IMG] Have you ever wanted to see that one beach episode in an anime with cute girls in them?

    Well too bad lol have shirtless mercenaries from tf2, it's way better...

    ...ABS GALORE :eek:

    Heyo, it's cactie! All memes aside, I brought up the idea of an art collab between a group of friends. So yeah we did it. It's filled with inside jokes with a dash of pain and suffering. Alot of suffering. I really hope you guys enjoy this art piece we've created! I will link below all the people who contributed to this in their names and what they did to help.​

    • Me: Painted the background, drew Sentro (medic), drew Totenkopf (spy making a cute lil castle), drew XenoGene and Spergy (spy w/ balloon), drew me and Bearded Expense (heavy with my scout oc, some tiny asian chick with glasses), and I assembled everything into place.
    • Christina Wonders: Drew her heavy loadout and Cinny's loadout (her boyfriend) under an umbrella with a cute becel boi. I want their becel boi but I may get killed.
    • Puppiecup: Drew her sniper loadout about to get fucked by a ball going at mach speed while her boyfriend Stealth takes a picture awaiting her demise. Stealth wants this picture for his meme folder.

    • Monsieur Saboteur: Drew her spy loadout reacting to SoundSmith, who is unfortunately burnt to a crisp due to genetics. May he rest in peace and not spontaneously combust.

    • Stealth: Provided pictures of a sunset to use for the background that he took himself (good photographer yes) cause unfortunately I suck complete butt when it comes to making sunsets. I did a paint over of the photo.

    • Bearded Expense: Created a draft for the entire art piece by creating a poster in gmod of all our loadouts. (Thank u sm bearded I'm awful at planning poses and u don't give urself enough credit u fool!!!!! ily <33333)

    • Demongar: Drew his oc in the background spying on bearded's butt from the mountains. I smell it. THE TOXIC TROLL IS IN THE WATER EVERYBODY EVACUATE-

    • Totenkopf: Created all the unusual effects for all the characters. TBH Toten is very underrated and needs more attention, please check out his work cause the Aces High unusual was an sfm render??? What a god. commission him or perish, thanks.

Recent Reviews

  1. Bearded Expense
    Bearded Expense
    Version: 2018-07-30
    I had such a fun time working on the ref poses in Gmod, and seeing the amazing progress everyone made! It's so awesome to see us all together having worked on one big art piece for the jam.
  2. uberchain
    Version: 2018-07-30
    This is really cool! I love seeing all the art styles put together, it really feels like a team effort and looking at everybody's different art styles altogether makes me feel happy