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Amai (Stage 1) A8

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Back here again. I guess the one good thing to come out of the time I was dropping a map a week was me being able to map very quick. But anyways, I got a new version of Amai here with some changes.


- New lighting and skybox. Kept a similar angle to the old lighting however.
- Did another pass on the connectors from A to B. Not a complete redo but a significant change. The left side gives Blu a better position to push into last with some extra health, ammo, and cover.
- Changed geometry around A, moved some doorways and made the A point slightly safer in general.
- Moved the full ammo kit and medium health kit at A point to the upper level
- Added a small health kit to the drop down room.
- Changed the small health kit in the B connectors to a medium kit.
- Changed small ammo kit under A point to medium health kit.
- Added patches under health and ammo kits, red for health and white for ammo.


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Well, I expected this to take a couple of days. But I was hit by quite a bit of inspiration earlier and spent a good couple hours mapping. The result is practically a new map, and a much improved B.


- Redid the entirety of the B point and the connectors from A. The new point has more options and height variation, as well as being a bit easier to defend without having unbalanced teams.

- Redid Blu spawn. The old spawn was functional, but oversized. It also had a habit of splitting teams up more than I liked. The new spawn is smaller and more focused.

- Improved the A point. Added extra cover around the point, and shifted some doorways into the point to make defending slightly easier. Also added a room to the left side of the point to force Blu to commit to pushes.

- Flattened the slop on the A point roof. This will stop players from using the side facing away from Blu spawn as cover. The roof now serves its original purpose as a powerful, but exposed and risky holding spot.

- Slightly raised the floor of the A point room, and slightly raised the sloped roof's height. This just makes it slightly more interesting to fight inside the A point building by adding a smidge of height.

- Set custom respawn timers for both teams. This was a major oversight on my behalf with A6. Blu's is around 5 seconds base time, and Red's is around 9 seconds base time. Times of course will vary by up to double depending on how TF2 feels at the moment.

And with that, I think I hit every major piece of feedback I got in at least some way. Thanks to all of you who played A6 earlier.


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Okay this is the right file
After having playtested A1 of Amai, I started work on remaking the B point. After having completed the B point and getting the A2 version completely ready, I wasn't very happy with what came out. The map as a whole lacked height variation and options, leading to a very linear map.

So I decided to remake Amai from scratch. This new map went through several iterations very quickly as you can see from the version number jump. I made a number of designs that didn't satisfy me. The old me would have released the first thing I had come up with, but I'm a much more patient mapper now.

This new Amai has a really cool A point, but I still kinda feel that the B point is weak. Once more, playtesting will decide what works and what doesn't.


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