Altitude B6


  1. Alex.bsp
    Version: B5
    The most fun you'll ever have
  2. nesman
    Version: B4
    absolutely stunning map that plays well too
  3. Axzye
    Version: B3
    A very well-executed map with a lot of verticality, an excellent theme, and great detailing.
  4. Anonymous
    Version: B3
    Had a chance to play this and thought highly of it. It begins with a strong snowy alpine theme with beautiful $treesway trees and open chokepoints. The map had lots of verticality but also horizontal space. It felt like I could approach points from any angle I wanted, and on defense I enjoyed guarding these flanks. Definitely a map that rewards coordination like Steel or Borneo because of that.

    I really liked the Husky Acres portrait, I think that's referenced on posters in official maps, so I like to think these are those mountains in the skybox. The sense of scale feels prevalent especially around the 2nd point. I got a little disoriented leaving RED's forward spawn depending on the angle I spawn at, but otherwise quickly got a bearing on the map layout. Very well done map.