Multi Stage Alpine a4

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Multi Stage Alpine a4

3-stage 2cp map like Dustbowl or Egypt

Old forgotten 3-stage cp map! Theme will be as mvm_mannworks stylish as possible in future and that's the whole idea of map; pvp mannworks. Well, layout is not from mannworks.

Currently has only two stages and I'll start making third stage when I have enough feedback about first two stages.

ToDo: better lamps and lighting, redoing some parts maybe, take new screenshots
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Slight changes

    a4 -Changed last point of second stage -Changed capturetimes -Changed red spawn of second stage -Fixed things Bigger update will come sooner or later
  2. Fix

    a3 fix -Fixed floating displacement
  3. Balance update

    a3 -Made some areas bigger -Added structures -Added health/ammopacks for blu -Added capture point boundaries -Re-done B2 -Removed one route to 2A from blu (should be defendable for red now) -Last points captures faster -Improved lighting -Fixes