Alpine Forest

Alpine Forest rc2

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Alpine Forest rc2

Made by Wolfen

Beta 1

This is my first release of my contest entry. it is hard to believe it was almost four months ago when I first read about this competition and started planning.

I haven't been posting images or updates due to various reasons. Mostly I didn't want to be judged till I had something that was strong yet still needed work.

I now know that this build is the strongest I've had yet, which is why it is now Beta and now Alpha 5.

There is still much to be done with this map but with the help of the community and my friends over at the Gamers With Jobs community, I'm hoping to make something fun and interesting.

The idea behind this map was originally to give you a choose your own adventure type payload map. When that turned out to cause me more issues than it was worth in the first month I just went all in for one path dedicated to each time.

Even more interesting is that the original theme was going to be New Zealand based. Somehow I ended up with a Alpine theme instead. Actually I have pictures of the first few builds when parts of the map were using the rainforest props for the middle part of the map.

I'd pack in more information here but I feel this is a nice starting point for now with the above image and a video I created for this release. It is a fly through of the map from the starting spawn till the final point.

Beta 3B:

Much has changed since the first version. I continue to listen to the comments and complaints given by both mappers and players. There is still much work and testing to be done before submissions open.
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