Alpine Depo Beta 11

Snow, mountains and trains

  1. Rissy
    After 3 months of development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait..

    Hey guys, Rissy here. Finally I finished my quite well map (without interior, still) and I can submit it to you! This map were made for Connect 5 contest, you can find some more information here.
    Alpine Depo is a King of the Hill gamemod map, wich takes place in the mountain part of Badlands. This map has a trainyard where mercenaries will fight each other to capture it. Map is still in Beta, because I don`t have enough time to finish it, but I hope I will have finished it by april.

    If you found bugs or you wanna help me (somehow) please, contact me in steam.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Jack5
    Version: Beta 11
    The center point is a very good idea, but the map is hardly optimised at all and displays an overflow error as soon as one spawns in.
  2. Shpigun
    Version: Beta 11
    Good map mate