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Didn't include the BSP. Whoops. (It should be in the link this version)
I meant to upload this version a month ago but I never bothered to upload the screenshots. Anyway the changes go as followed:

-Increased the amount of viable sniper sightlines
-Modified the upper most bot route to now have more gameplay space and to give bots a height advantage over players in cave
-Added more ammo
-Reduced duck amount
-Pop file modifications
Essentially just fixes for a2a1 while adding an extra route on last to try and encourage the usage of what was previously an awkward to access balcony.

Changes include:
-Added an ammo pack for snipers in bot yard
-Removed owo signs and ducks, added cow
-Fixed a case of magically vanishing rocks
-Added more nav_avoid's to stop giants and regular bots getting confused by a forklift and attempting to noclip through it into hyperspace.
-Added no builds to the top of in-accessible areas for sentry busters so they no longer give up and die in spawn.
-Removed collision for a Soho rollupdoor prop so the Sentry Busters don't hit their heads.
-Added an extra route on last to make access to a balcony easier
-Grass finished growing

A4 will be out by Monday as I have already started working on the B route for the bots and am in the process of attempting to make it more compelling.


Essentially just minor changes from the regular a2a, with a further update to progress the map to a3 coming this weekend.

The minor changes included in a2a1:

-Added more ammo packs around the first yard, especially around the tank route.
-Changed some roofs to look epicer
-Added more high-ground in cave
-Fixed some bot clipping issues in cave so bots don't get stuck
-Added some sight lines in bot-yard by changing cover
-Popfile has been updated, medics will now spawn in squads (whoops I forgot to do that), Pyros (shouldn't) reflect now, changed respawn times for almost all bots
-Added a temporary owo sign from Berry's owo pack as a temporary joke
-Added duck(s)

Screenshot previews will be uploaded on Saturday along with minor changes and fixes for A3.