Alpine Crag a4a1

A MVM map taking place in a small Mann Co owned Alpine Hunting Village

  1. Fixes too small, and too insecure to be called an a3.

    Princess Birchly
    Essentially just minor changes from the regular a2a, with a further update to progress the map to a3 coming this weekend.

    The minor changes included in a2a1:

    -Added more ammo packs around the first yard, especially around the tank route.
    -Changed some roofs to look epicer
    -Added more high-ground in cave
    -Fixed some bot clipping issues in cave so bots don't get stuck
    -Added some sight lines in bot-yard by changing cover
    -Popfile has been updated, medics will now spawn in squads (whoops I forgot to do that), Pyros (shouldn't) reflect now, changed respawn times for almost all bots
    -Added a temporary owo sign from Berry's owo pack as a temporary joke
    -Added duck(s)

    Screenshot previews will be uploaded on Saturday along with minor changes and fixes for A3.
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