Alpine Cliff Rockwall 1.0

Made by Void

  1. Void

    Here at TF Industries there's nothing we hate more than a poorly excavated side of a cliff! So, using our mathematical powers of wizardry, we have developed an equation that will turn any rocky mess into a fine cliffside!

    Guaranteed to match all those other chunks of cliffs that have somehow maintained their name as such. The equation also allows for plant growth upon the cliffs, as well as natural and manmade snowfall!

    Void's Texturefest 2010

    A rockwall that tiles and has matching color palettes with the Alpine cliff models, as requested by supersandvich.

    Fifth of many Texturefest 2010 uploads.


    1. forest_test0011.jpg
    2. forest_test0012.jpg
    3. rockwall015.png