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Alembic a1

Made by The Wiggin

  1. The Wiggin

    Hi all

    Pl_Alembic is my first map. Alembic is the product of part of my yr 12 studies, I have been researching Hammer for the past Months and this map is a demonstration of the skills and knowledge I have acquired. I would love feedback, negative or positive and I cant wait to get it tested.

    The story goes something like this....

    After Blue pushed Red out of a old, decrepit storage facility they thought they would be able to easily transport their bomb cart into the old Red buildings to destroy them. Little did they know Red had re-occupied the area and wouldn't go down without a fight.

    Thanks To:
    Tf2maps.net everyone was always super helpful and willing to share knowledge
    Atrophy for heaps of advice and feedback
    Crabman for art
    Goon for a ton of personal advice and assistance

    Current Notable Issues (advice/ideas wanted):
    Site lines
    2d skybox
    Missing section of the Crane (could this be to do with it cutting through the skybox?)


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