Airstrike A4b

A payload map with 4 capture zones

  1. dexc34
    After Blu gathers intel about Red's plans about a nuclear reactor, Blu decides they will run a bombing run above the nucleus. However, they crash their plane and are forced to push the bomb manually.

    This map is in alpha, layout and aesthetics are not final, feedback is greatly appreciated.


    1. pl_airstrike_a30003.jpg
    2. pl_airstrike_a30000.jpg
    3. pl_airstrike_a30001.jpg
    4. pl_airstrike_a30002.jpg
    5. pl_airstrike_a30004.jpg
    6. pl_airstrike_a4a0000.jpg
    7. pl_airstrike_a4a0001.jpg
    8. pl_airstrike_a4a0002.jpg

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