72hr AirRaid B2a

Grab your flight suits and take off men!

  1. We're taking off once more...

    Man it's been a while, I have matured and gotten back into mapping AirRaid once again! This version is in Beta 2 since us at Team AirRaid (@BigfootBeto , @SmallBiscuit , And I) have been working hard trying to rebalance the map for the better!



    General Changes:
    Started giving permanent textures to certain areas
    Added/ moved around Health and Ammo packs
    Fixed a stray Healthpack causing the map to be Asymmetrical

    Middle Point:
    Picked up the monopoly pieces and actually built the Gift shop(s)
    Restroom stalls are now installed, don't mind the smell near the Upcoming Shoreleave Exibit.
    Removed the fountain at mid, for a better or for worse, however we are considering a monument to our founder...

    Flank routes:
    Started retexturing rooms
    Started moving in exibits, so now it is not just an empty void!
    Cleaned up the mud tracked in from Mini-Sentry Engineers
    Marked Ammo
    Added another small healthpack to the flanks to 2nd

    We have posted the map on the TF2 Workshop, and have gotten a decent liking for the map. The post can be found here. Also as an added reminder, I will never upload the map there first! I will always post to the tf2maps forum before anything else.


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