Airfield Assault

Airfield Assault A9A

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Airfield Assault A9A

Now With Cornbread!

The map consists of a daring raid of BLU's Airfield, the name is a placeholder.

I've been thinking about naming this Hawk Red /

The story goes:

After months of suffering casualties caused by BLU's air superiority, a small, motorized squad of RED commandos which have snuck through BLU's frontlines and their many Scouting Airplanes, have been spotted lurking near the airfield, the commandos being aware that they have been spotted, with their hopes of a clean and stealthy accomplishment of objectives gone, rush the town that's separating them from the airfield where they meet BLU guards defending said airfield. A bloody battle ensues.
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Latest updates

  1. = ROTATE = Update A9A

    = ROTATE = Update A9A This update is like a8a but expanded upon. -The one way doors felt like they did wonders to the map's flow, achieving its intended goal of making people fighting were they're supposed to, in the middle. However, the same...
  2. = DIMES = Update A8A

    = DIMES = Update A8A Both sides have been changed plenty, mostly to make people fight in the middle more. -Added one-way doors leading to the hedges on the left side (POV of RED) to make it less of a powerful position by denying retreats. -The...
  3. lol

    = lol = ""minor"" Update A7A Thanks to void for suggesting to me this easy fix and the Frontline dev team for dismantling the infamous "unoptimized" stereotype given to map using said theme with version 1.3! -Just updated the assets this map is...

Latest reviews

I played on this map on the TF2Maps server, and the moment I spawned, frames were at a low. From the looks of it, you're more focused on detail, rather than anything that will help your map get better. I can't even tell if the layout is good or not, because you added too much detail, and no optimization (Which has been feedbacked multiple times). Take a step back from the artist platform, and try to focus on the layout. You're in a6, this amount of detail is usually found in late betas. On a smaller note, the title makes no sense. This clearly isn't an airfield, and feels more like a little town square. The only airfield related thing on it is the 4-5 planes in the back (Which again, heavy details in a6a are not a good thing. Please. fix it. It has promise, but it needs a lot of work
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It'd be cool if you could update this rating since the map has been heavily optimized and I am (right now) making sweeping changes almost every version to the layout.

On a smaller note, the name always has been a placeholder, I've said that it was one since this map was created.