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Map updated:

Added nav avoids for Giant bots.

"Detailed" spawnroom.

No more dev textures in "game areas", though there are still some outside of the map. Would need to nodraw them, it seems.

Known problems: Bots take fall damage when getting off main "ledge".

Mission updates:

Added normal difficulty mission. 5th wave is very... Unusual, probably.

Some fixes in advanced mission.
Got some feedback from a4.


Added more lighting, reworked existing lighting.

Added more PROPSPAM, in that case light poles.

"Fixed" some of the "levitating" props.

Tweaked nav mesh.


Fixed issue in 1st wave when counter improperly shows bot count.

Made "Waitbetweenspawns" longer for bots.

Redone structure of the map. Now it's supposed to be more like origninal
mvm maps. (Features "spine")

Removed "set back pit".

Added flank nav entities for bots.


Removed some parts of 3d skybox, and by some parts, I mean whole skybox.


Renamed original mission into advanced. It was advanced before, though I didn't bother to name it like so. Well, to avoid any further confusion...

Replaced 2nd wave with 5th one.
Made proper engineer missions.

4th wave now randomly chooses melee heavies (Steel gauntlet, GRU, KGB), instead of pure steel gauntlet spam.

1th wave - replaced buff banner soldiers with backup variants. Using crit canteens on those would be a waste of muneh.

Nerfed boss scout. Really, I made dumb decision with making him too OP. Probably now he's underpowered. As always.


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Little bit of fixes was released. That's why you don't rush your work.

Fixed mistake in pop file, now 5th wave supposed to be passable.

Added nav avoid in one place where Giant tend to stuck.

Lowered airdrop spawns.
Little bit of warning - missed out some error on 5th wave which makes it unpassable. Fix coming soon.

Update for crappy map has been released:

- Shrinked down some parts
- Reworked some lighting, made environment lighting more white, so orange textures are orange and gray textures are gray.
- Small additions, such as lifted spawn for players.
- Temporary skybox added
- Added custom sound.
- Added another spawnpoint for bots.

Pop file updates:
- As was concluded in test, mission was kind of broken when targeting relays, problem was fixed, so now bots will change their bomb path after wave finishes. Probably. Well, that was embarassing.
- Still can't decide if the mission that's called "normal" as of now belong actually to the normal difficulty or advanced. Kind of planned to make it advanced, so...
- Wave 2 still consists of 1 Giant scout and small scout supports to carry the bomb.
- Added new 5th, old 5th wave now is 6th.
- In 1st wave, Heavies now supposed to spawn with Buff soldiers, buff soldiers got extended rage time up to 900%. Also, they also spawn with bunch of Quick fix medics.

Known problems
- There's still lack of curvature and lot of open space on main routes. I kind of have no idea what to add there to kind of splice it up. May I ask your suggestions?
- Can't make bomb unable to get reset through being dropped for long enough time, setting timer to 0 or -1 makes it warp back to the spawn once carrier is killed.


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