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Unfortunately the version submitted for the contest had a number of issues, so this update should address most of these

such as:
- Files should be named correctly, which should fix server loading issues
- Nav mesh has been fixed, and bots should now function correctly
- More that I've forgotten
Now includes an intermediate difficulty popfile in addition to the normal difficulty one.

I did a bunch of detail changes, ill leave it up to you to find them. I also fixed a few things around the map such as bots not spawning at the cliff spawn.

The navmesh has also been improved


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detailing is almost done, somehow in the process it turned from underwater to mayan-jungle (dont worry, theres still plenty of water), no idea how that happened :).

Still only has one popfile, but expect another one before the end of the contest.

Oh yeah and I changed the layout a bit based on feedback from the last test


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Map Changes

- Reworked left bot exit to be a flank route that connects to the upper path

- Color coded routes - lower is yellow, upper is blue

- raised ground at first area

- Removed pillar at first area

- Lowered first part of upper route to reduce high advantage for defenders

- Reworked cover at start of upper route to work better for defenders and bots

- Reworked foward upgrade room to be better scaled and less cramped, this may have opened a few un-inted sightlines

- Moved tank enterance further left to better align with new geometery

- Added lockdown mode - when the bomb nears the hatch the map enters 'lockdown mode' where bots with take the shortest route to the hatch for the rest of the wave. This is along with a few visual and sound effects to alert players

- Changed most railings to black to better fit the map

- Fixed accidental clipping error

- Route arrows now disable during waves

Popfile Changes

- Added a new normal mission (should be more normal difficulty than the last one I tried to make)


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Just a fix to the navigation, it should work properly now!

Map Changes

- Moved health and ammo from room with no entry

- Added nobuild zone on front platform

- Changed small ammo pack in shelter to large ammo pack

- Widened walkway by 16hu over large doorway on lower path to allow bots to better use it

- Brightened some areas

- Fixed respawn visualizers not showing at blu spawn

- Changed far left room at first area from ledge to ramp to give bots another flank route

- Extended Blu respawn room so it covers whole spawn area

- Minor height difference addded to first area to break things up a bit

- Map is now fully sealed (Accidentally had cordon on in last version)

- Clipped upgrade stations

- Added a few more health and ammo packs around the map

- Added a pipe near the front of the map to allow players better access to the upper route

- Fixed up nav mesh

- Added some arrow overlays to help direct players

Popfile Changes

Advanced Wave 1

- Halved the amount of demomen

- Added a giant Soldier which comes towards the end of the wave

Advanced Wave 3

- Removed weird delay between wave start and first bots

- Giant Heavies now no take forever to exit the respawn room

- Removed bonk scouts

- Decreased interval between giant heavies spawning from 20s to 15s

Advanced Wave 4

- Increased health of tank from 25000 to 40000

- Added huntsman sniper squad

Advanced Wave 5

- Giant Medics now have vacinators, instead of infinite uber medi guns

- Fixed meds having 4500hp instead of 2000. This was due to the wrong template being used

Advanced Wave 6

- Removed second tank

General Changes

- Fixed DoneOutput so upgrade station should re-enable, and paths should change between waves

- Heavily reduced respawn times



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