Medieval Aeon A15

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

  1. UPGRADE!! #9

    Forward Upgrade Station
    • Fixed disappearing models
    • Station now touches the ground instead of floating.
    • Moved it forward slightly.
    • Added lights and rotating sign.
    Other Major Changes
    • Possibly made swimming smoother.
    • Added back Canteens.
    • Added attribute canteen specialist to all players on respawn.
    • Added attribute no upgrade rate for engineers (to prevent crashes).
    • Deleted some apply impulse triggers at beach area.
    • Updated the geometry on the beach.
    • Moved the bomb site away from spawn.

    Engineer Buildings
    • Minis now can be hauled faster after firing.
    • Should be able to build minis as Gunslinger now flawlessly.
    • Fixed bug with Mini Bucket always firing and dying to self-damage.

    • Janitor mission: Fixed Axtinguisher Pyros using Shotguns!
    • Janitor mission: Fixed not spawning last batch of heavies.
    • Janitor mission: Increased tank HP by 7000.
    • Incorporated map mechanics into Rottenburg mission.

    Known issues and will fix in the future
    • Buildings don't respec on buying HP upgrades.
    • Target Dummy is actually immune to damage at full hp.
    • Brazier Grill has a few bugs. Namely, putting down the building instantly grants meat buffs, it doesn't heal sometimes.
    • Gunslinger buildings can't be hauled!
    • Lack of larger platforms made for Giant Robots.
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