Admiral B1

TF2 is my favorite kart racer

  1. Kube
    NOTE: To avoid sound glitches, please do not RTV this map. Instead, use the command "ent_fire lapc_red_case invalue 80", and then quickly change maps.

    Welcome to Isle Admiral! For tourism purposes, the residents of the Isle transformed their homestead into a racetrack.

    Thanks to the following people for helping me get the logic of this map working:
    The clocktower in this map based off of the clocktowers of the Bermuda Clocktower Mall.

    Known issues:
    • The reflections of the world and 3D skybox oceans don't line up. It looks pretty bad right now.
    • There is a boost pad that looks partially covered in the sand below it.
    • It looks like at least one of the reflective windows has checkerboards.
    • I forgot to disable collisions on some nonsolid props.
    kr_admiral_b1 - 5/31/2017


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