achievement_idle_awsomebox_c1 2018-12-09

Basically a small update.

  1. The Pansmith™
    Please note: This is not a new completely map version, that’s why it’s called C1. This is a set of small changes to make C better.

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    What's New:

    Physical Map Changes
    • There are now Invisible Ramps leading out of "that lower area no one goes to"
    • Saxon Hale had no animation, thus was replaced with a dancing Engineer and Robo Engi.​
    • A tractor driving sniper replaces the other Saxton.​
    • One health pack in the skybox (was the standard health pack) has been replaced with a robo sandwich.​
    • I added another secret​
    • Trigger_push has been applied to more of the spawn, to help prevent players AFKing in a corner and not going down the chute.
    • Nobuild in the very top of the skybox.*
    • Nobuild in the secret area**
    • There are new map features that correlate with the point getting captured.

    • Capturing the Point now gives a damage reduction buff, (the backup banner) for 10 seconds for all players in the capture area. This is to incentivize capturing the point.
    • Capturing the Intel now gives a speed boost and mini-crits for 10 seconds. This is to incentivize capturing the intel.
    • Touching a resupply cabinet will remove these buffs.
    • Major optimization in all fields. The map now has func_detail and func_viscluster. (even how has a little hint and skip now)
    • The Announcer’s voice lines have been muted.
    • The HUD is now the Hybrid CTF/CP HUD
    • The Intangible platform now gives off the engineer nope.
    *By allowing engineers to build in a place where they are also invincible, it leads to very long stalemates between Engineers and Cannon Demos.

    **Players could easily afk in the skybox with sentry and tell, where then the whole team could afk in the skybox, without any way for the other team to kill them.

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