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A close to original awesomebox9 with minor fixes and a few subjective changes

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    Reading through map threads on forums and seeing some small issues and/or oversights on awesomebox9 inspired me to teach myself how to use Hammer and create the awesomebox9 modification this thread is about; with some help from other users along the way. Below is a list of modifications I have made, keeping the original map’s design in mind.

    Fixes and/or Oversight Corrections

    · Added a Welcome Point – Upon joining, players typically are granted to an entire overview or a main area of the server’s map. Awesomebox9 does not have a Welcome Point and automatically defaults to the map’s origin point (0,0). While this won’t matter much for players using TF2’s default HUD, many players use custom HUDs that have transparent welcome screens.

    · Added 9 spectator cameras – Nine spectator cameras positioned in key points of the map.

    · Fixed the mini-health kit clipping into the walls on both teams’ respective sides on the second level – This is with a specific server’s health kit models in mind, not the default mini-health kit model in Hammer.

    - Fixed players being able to pick up the intelligence through walls near its spawning point.


    NOTE: As of late, a bug in TF2 allows Demos to kill players through walls with 8 stickies grouped together. This exploit has become very popular on awesomebox9 with Demos spawn trapping the other team with stickies they can’t see. I attempted fixing this myself, but every solution did not work or was too extreme

    - Implemented a workaround for the popular sticky exploit under spawn. When Valve officially fixes the exploit. This workaround will be disabled.

    - Rotated one of Skybox's palm trees that did not match with the other tress

    - Modified the small wall behind Red's spawn/front of the boxing ring to have a small tunnel. This was added to better suit map design alongside point #4. Players can shoot through the roof with hit-scan weapons.
    - Added Skial's logo on the side of the tunnel facing the boxing ring. (If you're interested in using this map for your community, resort to v1.15)

    Subjective Changes

    · Added 1 mini-health kit and ammo kit on each end of the surf ramp – Sniper duels where the winning sniper is on the surf may have low health; Their two options are to keep the duel going until death or surf back to spawn for resupply and possibly die from fall damage. With the addition of the mini-health kit on both sides, it allows a way for Snipers or any other class to regain health without needing to take fall damage to resupply in spawn.

    · Added 1 mini-health kit and 1 mini-ammo box in front of the boxing ring – The first level of the main map is a major battlements area for players for a variety of reasons. I felt it should have at least one health and ammo kit easily accessible on the top level without having to return to spawn for resupply or dropping to the 2nd level for the already present health and ammo kits.

    · Added 1 mini-health kit and 1 mini-ammo box on the 3rd level – Engineers like building nests around the tractor. Because of the 3rd level’s design it is a good position for nest building but can be difficult to hold if the defender has no immediate way to regain health and ammo. With the health and ammo kit in place it tips the favor a little more to the defender.

    · Changed the Skybox from sky_hydro_01 to custom Skybox sky_skylab_01 – Awesomebox9’s skybox looked odd due to being able to see where the map’s borders end and begin. I assume as a side effect, the skybox started over on each surface of the map’s borders. With this custom skybox, this is much harder to see or is not present.

    · Modified light_environment to better suit the map’s new skybox.

    · Generated a nav-mesh for the Horseless Headless Horsemann to work properly

    • Bottiger – For creating the achievement_idle_awesomebox series
    • VelvetFistIronGlove – For hosting his sky_skylab_01 Skybox under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.5 UK: Scotland license
    • The Pansmith – For brainstorming, general hammer knowledge,
    • Cream Tea - Designer and owner of the Skial logo.


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