DynCP Abyss B81 TWO

Deep beneath the sea, a battle awaits

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  1. Minor Update
  2. Optimization and confusion
  3. Abyss is getting there

Recent Reviews

  1. kelpto18505
    Version: B81 TWO
    map i real play on pub it look like it can be in tf2 timeline
  2. Dadema
    Version: B81
    The custom assets of this map are beautiful and the design looks realy nice.
  3. Otis Laurey
    Otis Laurey
    Version: B81
    Beatiful design, reminds me a lot of Half-Life, really nice 3d skybox used
  4. Kikouda
    Version: B81
    This map looks AWESOME! One problem is between the 2nd and last cap near a staircase there is an area where you can hide easily. I recommend putting some props there to prevent this. It also feels very cramped in the second point. I would be nice if the point was moved to the platform above it and the room below be a health pack/ammo room. One bug that i found involved the huge wall with a glass top near the middle point. On the red side when i rocketjumped straight up against the wall and turned to the left and pressed w and d i got stuck against it. I can supply you with a demo showing the bug if you ask me (steam msg is best) This map is going places! Keep up the fantastic work!
  5. Anonymous
    Version: B3
    Such a nice design :)