aaaa A21_2

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aaaa A21_2

out of names, for the pick-it-up minor contest

I dislike symmetrical gamemodes, and CTF can be one of the worst for me - making them is even more terrible. There is one exception to this - chin-style CTF. In this, getting into the intel room is easy but the real challenge comes from escaping the base.
I find chin-style CTF far more interesting and enjoyable than any other CTF gamemode, so I've tried to create a map based on that design principle. Hopefully this plays ok (likely won't though)

Screenshots as of A10:
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Capture The Flag
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Latest updates

  1. intel + mid + spawns

    *Added a 3rd highground exit to spawn, hopefully this cuts down on spawncamping a bit while also not letting defenders have a tight control on the spawnyard *Made a wall at mid thinner to hopefully discourage engineer building there *Removed mid...
  2. Misc changes

    Final contest update aside from bugfixes! Overall I'm happy with how this has gone, I've never touched ctf before (aside from a badly designed one from a long long time ago), so I'm surprised how this went! People seemed to quite enjoy the map...
  3. Intel + mid + bases

    *Made base silos higher res *Removed top part of big base silo to slightly help with landmarking (as mid has one already) *Removed balcony railing on mid *Added a jump route onto the platforms at mid *Made lowground route wider *Made silo ledge...

Latest reviews

i ran through a bunch of chin maps and this one, while pretty similar to ctf_chin, looks like it would be so good! good job